Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy regulates the procedure for processing personal data on the website, as well as on the official AnyLang apps for Android and iOS (hereinafter referred to as the Service).
1. Basic Terms and Definitions
"User" — a legally capable individual entering into this Agreement in their vested interest.
"Service" — online resources in the domain and subdomains, as well as the official AnyLang apps for Android and iOS
"Agreement" — this agreement with all its addenda and amendments
"Administration" — the administration of the Service
2. Personal Data Collection and Processing
The Administration collects and processes the following User personal data:
email address
IP address
information inside cookie files
other information
The Administration seeks to protect User personal data to the maximum possible extent and uses state-of-the-art technology for safe information storage. The Administration does not sell or transfer User personal data to third parties without the User's consent.
A user can request data deletion by writing to [email protected] specifying the data that needs to be deleted. Alternatively, you can use the official iOS app, which has a "Remove Account" button in account settings.
3. Personal Data Usage
The Administration may use personal data in the following cases:
for User identification
for rendering services to the User
for User payment processing
for emailing promotional and informational content
for User request processing
for upgrading the service and material produced
4. Liability Limitation
The Administration does its best to observe this Privacy Policy, but we cannot guarantee information integrity in the event of exposure to factors outside our control, resulting in information disclosure.
Continued use of the Service by the User after making changes and / or additions to this Privacy Policy means the acceptance and consent of the User with such changes and / or additions.