Your personal AI teacher for practicing more than 10 languages including Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and more.

Instant word translation combined with ChatGPT technologies allows you to study comprehensively without the need for external searches. Ask questions, explore, and master every aspect of the language effortlessly.

Full immersion and writing skills improvement

Communication in a foreign language has never been easier. Just start chatting in the language that you learn and translate the unfamiliar words in the response in one click. There are 3 modes: "Respond to messages", "Respond to messages and correct errors" and "Correct errors".

Get answers fast

Just click on the unfamiliar word or grammatical construction and ask the AI tutor everything you want. We even try to show you the question suggestions based on what you click, so you get your answer in a blink of an eye. Best thing — we also integrated this in our other products like books, videos and articles.

Discuss what your read/watch right now

Hard time coming up with the topic? Just discuss what you read/watch on AnyLang. The bot knows where you are currently at, so the discussion should be interesting.

Personal vocabulary

Add unfamiliar words in your personal vocabulary and go over them whenever you like.


Increase your vocabulary with our quizzes. AnyLang saves the context for each added word - this is very helpful when learning words.

Text dubbing

You can not only listen to the pronunciation of individual words and sentences, but also listen to the dubbing of the whole chat session.
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