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Now there is no need to look up unfamiliar words in a dictionary! You can translate an unfamiliar word just by clicking on it. Would you like to get the translation of a phrase or a sentence? No problem - just highlight the text fragment you want to translate.

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Interested in something? Just type in your search query and surf across the links. Delve into a diverse range of interesting articles — from business to science, medicine to law, and beyond. Unlock insights into modern advancements and English history or learn more about psychology. This is basically the good old Wikipedia perfected for language learning.

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There are articles of any difficulty: A1 (Beginner), A2 (Elementary), B1 (Pre-Intermediate), B2 (Intermediate), C1 (Upper-Intermediate) and C2 (Advanced).

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Add unfamiliar words in your personal vocabulary and go over them whenever you like.


Increase your vocabulary with our quizzes. AnyLang saves the context for each added word - this is very helpful when learning words.

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You can not only listen to the pronunciation of individual words and sentences, but also listen to the dubbing of the whole article.
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